Building the Outside from Inside

Building The Outside From Inside was the public artwork commissioned by Brent Art Therapies, in association with Emergence (a Community Interest Company run by and for people with personality disorder).

The project consisted of a series of workshops conducted with South Kilburn residents who identified with having mental health conditions at Workshop 24, a pop up creative project space in the Peel Precinct.

I worked with fellow artist Julie Bagwash to deliver these workshops, where a safe, welcoming space was created where workshop participants made individual glass tiles.  They had a choice of a wide variety of qualty materials to experiment with and make tiles that expressed their individuality and tastes.  Some made tiles that featured easily identifiable designs, such as people or flowers, whilst others created more abstract designs – both highly decorated, or minimalist.  These tiles were later incorporated into the public artwork we created for the newly commissioned medical centre.

Feedback from the workshops was very positive – one participant who experiences hearing voices as part of their condition, stated that whilst taking part and creating the tiles, the voices became quieter and went away.  Another participant expressed an interest in art college

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